Randol Custom Homes

Upon returning to Wyoming with an honorable discharge and a few service medals, I attended college in Powell and received an Associates Degree in Science while studying electrical engineering. I sought out construction jobs to help fund college and to learn about the building trades. My Navy buddies and I had a dream of building a log hunting cabin someday. Of course, the cabin never happened, but I learned a great deal about the trades, and eventually built a log home for a couple in Red Lodge, Montana. This project marked the start of my career as a general contractor.

Since those early days, my business has grown from a part-time, single-person effort to a successful, professional endeavor.

In 1996 I married Brenda, a wonderful wife and partner. We have two exceptional little girls, Gracie and Ella—both adopted at birth, and currently in grade school. I would describe us as an “all-American family,” right down to our two dogs and the swing set in the backyard.

Over the past two decades, my crew and I have built many quality homes and completed many projects—always striving to deliver quality and value for our clients.

I’m sure there are equals, but no other builders anywhere in the country that deliver a better product than us. None.

I am a Wyoming native and longtime Cody resident who grew up in Meeteetse, Wyoming (pop. 300), where I graduated in 1986 with only 14 other classmates.

Shortly after high school, I joined the U.S. Navy, serving in the first Gulf War as an electronics technician aboard the USS Nimitz. We flew many sorties and inhaled a lot of smoke from the burning oil fields while in the Persian Gulf. During my six years in the Navy, I visited Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, the Emirates, South Korea, Diego Garcia, the Mariana Islands, the Maldives, Pearl Harbor, Anchorage, the Philippines and many ports on the west coast of the United States.

Meet Nick Randol